Series: Piase

Piase by Emilceramica is a major project, inspired by the elegance and amazing versatility of Piasentina stone. A collection that contains variety, since it expresses the processes by which this extraordinary stone is transformed, from the time of quarrying until its final acquisition of new forms and meanings. A different version of the stone is included to reflect each step in the process. This ceramic collection has character and style, offering a wide range of combination potentials. Spazzolata: A process that leaves the surface softer and silkier. An effect that captures colour variations, white veins of crystallized calcite and reddish-brown mottling that give the surface a fantastic vibrancy. Fiammata: A finish produced by rapid heating, which causes tiny flakes to detach from the surface. The effect produces reddish-brown mottling, very lively white veins and a slightly bush-hammered surface, soft to the touch, lightly marked in the stone's distinctive colors.

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