Terms and Conditions of Sale

The parties hereby agree as follows:

  1. ArtWalk Tile, Inc. is not a contractor. It does not perform or contract for the installation of any products it sells.
  2. All quantities must be verified by buyer's installer. ArtWalk Tile, Inc. accepts no responsibility whatsoever for quantities and measurements. We provide takeoff quantities for estimating purposes only.
  3. The recommendation of ArtWalk Tile, Inc. of any licensed contractor for work or installation of any product sold hereunder shall be a recommendation only and shall not be deemed to be an act of contraction on behalf the client. Client is solely responsible for hiring or contraction with contractors or laborers for the installation of products sold hereunder.
  4. All tile is subject to variation in shade and size. All tile measurements are nominal. Hand-made tile is subject to irregularities in size, shape, odor and warpage. Stone is a natural material. There will be color variation from samples and displays, as well as within your shipment. We recommend a minimum of 15% overage on any natural stone product, and 5-10% for porcelain tiles. Tile and stone are not guaranteed after delivery against chipping, crazing, cracking or wear. All stone and crackle glaze ceramic tile must be sealed.
  5. Since we are selling our products at wholesale pricing, we do not accept returns on any material. Please carefully verify your measurements prior to your order.
  6. There are no returns or cancellations, on custom or made-to-order products.
  7. All tile, stone, hardwood, and laminate products are shipped via common carrier. It is the client's responsibility to verify box count before signing the bill of lading. Client understands that they must fully open and inspect all merchandise. Any visible damage or discrepancies must be noted on the bill of lading before signing. Client agrees to notify and place claim directly with the carrier within 5 days if concealed damage is found. ArtWalk Tile, Inc. is willing to assist client to collect claims for loss or damage, but this willingness on our part does not make us responsible for collection of claims or replacement.
  8. ArtWalk Tile, Inc. shall not be responsible for delivery delays caused by acts of God, strikes, accidents, border/customs delays, traffic, natural catastrophes or other delays which are beyond the control of ArtWalk Tile, Inc. Cost of transportation to be borne by buyer. Any claims for delays, damage, or loss in transit, will be against the carrier, and buyer hereby waives any such claims as against ArtWalk Tile, Inc.
  9. Installation constitutes full and complete acceptance. Absolutely no claims or returns will be honored after partial or complete installation.

This document constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and no other promises, warranties, agreements or representations have been made which are not contained herein.

All notices to be given under this agreement shall be in writing and shall be sent by registered or certified mail to: ArtWalk Tile, Inc., 1020 Sunset Point Rd. #307, Clearwater, FL 33755.

By submitting, and/or signing, this order client agrees that it accurately reflects the buyer's wishes. All changes or revisions to this order must be in writing, and a new order form reflecting those changes must be signed before changes or cancellations will be processed.

ArtWalk Tile, Inc. reserves the right to delay the processing of this order until the order form, and/or the credit card charge has been accepted by our Merchant account, and/or receipt have been signed.