Cerdomus Tile

When Cesar Biancini founded Cerdomus Ceramiche, more than four decades ago, he likely envisioned it as a leader in the tile industry. But he might not have had in mind all that this company he founded with friends and associates in 1969 would become. Cerdomus is a trend-setting company always on the verge of the latest technology.

For the first ten years, much of the focus inside Cerdomus went to business growth and development and attempts to expand their international market. After 1979, a factory was opened allowing a switch to a more efficient manufacturing method. Nearly twenty years later, the company's focused turned to aesthetics and design with a brand new factory allowing for this. The new factory is expanded and redesigned two years later to include influence from sculptor, Angelo Biancini, father of founder, Cesar Biancini. Cerdomus then focused on technological advancements and surpassing their competition in both selection and quality. In 2009, Cerdomus opened its state-of-the-art showroom to help ease the process for the client, who they have remained dedicated to since. Buy Cerdomus tile now at www.artwalktile.com