Quintessenza Series/Product Line

Our name, Quintessenza Ceramiche, encapsulates and cherishes the antique mystery of a pure and subtle essence, the quintessence: that continuous and vibrant quest to reach the highest degree of style and quality we believe is the ultimate level of ceramic expression. According to Aristotle and ancient astronomy, the fifth element after fire, water, earth and air was ether.

Quintessenza Ceramiche offers a vast range of small format ceramic products. Surfaces that are the result of careful design, developed through a combination of minimalism and decoration, traditional and contemporary design, creative flair and geometrical precision.
The design concept for each collection is born in Italy, in the Sassuolo ceramics district and its deeply rooted tile culture. Each project is perfected down to the tiniest detail, as it is through details that we express our curious and receptive sensitivity. Our constant creative research is influenced by formal and material alchemies that never tire of exciting us. Combining shapes and colours, textures and surfaces, materials and patterns is what we do every day. We use ceramics to stimulate emotions.