Carreaux Métro

Carreaux Métro Series/Product Line

Imported directly from Italy, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia and Dubai, our products meet the highest quality standards and are offered at very competitive prices so you may realize your projects with ease and passion.

Carreaux Métro's store is always a treat. The showroom not only features all of the latest styles, but it also displays the various tile laying techniques available. The staff is made up of sales professionals who are also certified designers and can create designs—for free—that will meet the client's specific needs. Our designers can, for example, match paint colours and fabric swatches to kitchen tiles.

Carreaux Métro offers style and quality at the best possible price. We understand that every client has a different budget. That is why we offer tiles ranging from $0.99 to $12.95 per square foot, without ever compromising on style, to make sure that every one of our clients can find something that suits their budget. Our showroom offers porcelain, granite and marble tiles as well as many more options, in a variety of formats.