Shipping Information

Shipping Information

We will ship our products throughout the United States excluding Hawaii and Alaska. We strive to offer the most competitive freight rates currently available, and given the current cost of gasoline fuel, this can be extremely challenging.

Wondering how much shipping is going to cost?

To provide you with the lowest shipping cost we can possibly offer - we calculate shipping costs based on specific products, product quantity and delivery location. To find out what this price is, simply add the proper quantity of the products you would like to your cart. Next select the "Shipping Cost" button, and enter your delivery zip code. The system will return your Estimated shipping cost.

Low Shipping Rates!

We have negotiated special arrangements with our freight carriers and suppliers to provide you with the most economical shipping rates. These low rates are based on the products you purchase, and quantity purchased, and the delivery destination. Just in case a competitor offers to sell you on "Free Shipping", be advised that there is no such thing. The reality is, the cost of shipping and delivery has "blended", or averaged, into the cost of the product. We provide you with the shipping and delivery costs for your order.

Default Delivery Costs

Most companies have an up-charge for residential deliveries, but we do not charge you any differently. While there is no additional charge for a residential deliver, the lead time may require an additional day for scheduling the delivery. Please be advised...A commercial location must be equipped with either a loading dock, and/or a fork lift, along with all necessary equipment and personnel to unload and handle the freight delivery.

Free Lift Gate

Lift gate service is included at no additional charge for both residential and commercial deliveries.

"What is a lift gate?" you ask. This is the platform on the back of a delivery truck which is used to lower your material from the truck to the ground level. Like residential deliveries, most companies charge extra for a lift gate. As a convenience for our customers, we also include lift gate service at no additional charge for both residential and commercial deliveries.

We use some of the largest and most well-respected carriers in the industry. All they handle is this type of freight, which is referred to as LTL, or "Less Than Truckload" quantities. These companies' rate of claims or damaged material is less than 1%. We use these companies to get you the absolute lowest freight rate on your order. These companies do have certain terms that you need to be aware of. The following are some of these terms and conditions.

For residential or commercial location delivery, you must have someone at the delivery location to help unload the order. Deliveries are "curb side". The driver's will not bring the material into your home. If you are handicapped or have no way of assisting the driver, please call our office and we will explain the extra fee to have the material unloaded.

The freight carrier will usually contact you prior to the delivery. We will send you an e-mail listing the terminal phone number and a tracking number. If you have not heard from the freight carrier by the time you have received this e-mail, we suggest that you contact them to confirm the delivery date and time.

The freight company will usually give you the date of delivery, and a time window which should be a two to six hour time span. Whoever is accepting the delivery must inspect it and sign for the order according to the Delivery Checklist we send you.

Accepting your shipment...

It is your responsibility to make sure that the order is inspected when it is delivered. If you are not going to be the person accepting the order, you must make sure that the person signing the order is capable of doing so. You cannot sign the paperwork and let the driver leave until the order has been thoroughly inspected. All our shipments are insured for delivery to your location.

If there is any damaged material, it must be noted on the shipping paperwork the carrier has in their possession in order for us to issue replacement material to you and for us to be properly reimbursed by the trucking company. Without properly noting damaged material at the time of delivery, the claim would not be valid and replacement material would be shipped at your expense. We are referring to damage by the trucking company, not manufacturer defects.

In the unlikely event there is any damaged material delivered by the shipping company, make sure that the carrier driver notes all damages to the paperwork, hold onto the material and take detailed photos of all pieces that have sustained damage. A claim cannot be filed without having damages noted on the shipping paperwork by the delivery driver. Please contact us by phone or email and we will make arrangements for the replacement for this material, provided that all measures have been taken as stated above.

Delivery Time

After you place an order, it generally takes 1 to 2 business days to process. After the order is processed, and provided that all the material is in stock, it is scheduled for picked up by our freight carrier. The order should no longer than take 7 to 10 business days to arrive at your location barring any setbacks. We usually tell customers to figure about 2 weeks from the order date. This total lead time may vary slightly based on the time of year and your delivery location. Certain seasons are much busier than others, and may include some delays due to holidays. ArtWalk Tile, Inc. shall not be responsible for delivery delays caused by acts of God, strikes, accidents, border/customs delays, traffic, natural catastrophes or other delays which are beyond the control of ArtWalk Tile, Inc. This estimated time applies to the contiguous 48 United States. We cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

If part of the order or the entire order is not in stock, we will immediately notify you and advise you of your options.

General Notes

All tile and flooring is shipped via common carrier (trucking lines). We cannot send any flooring via the package delivery services of UPS, FedEx, or DHL.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach us at 888.669.9995 and we will be more than happy to discuss this with you.