Artwalk's Rating

We wanted to share the knowledge we have gained from working in the flooring industry over the last 30 years. So we established "Artwalk's Flooring Rating" Rely on this guide to help you select the best value/performance combination when selecting your flooring.

  1. We don't sell anything at this low of a grade so you won't find any 1's on our site
  2. You can barely call this stuff flooring. We have seen asphalt that looks better than this stuff - stay away.
  3. Use this if you are looking to replace the flooring in your barn. (Horses and cows love it!)
  4. This is suitable for industrial settings such as factories and warehouses, so if you are going for that look...
  5. Commercial - use this if you are looking to add a new floor to a fast food restaurant bathroom.
  6. You may recognize some of these products from your school growing up.
  7. Value priced products with basic solid construction, good color & texture. Good for use in large coverage areas that don't require the 'WOW' factor offered by more expensive products.
  8. Moderately priced with medium to high quality finishes. You would be happy with these products placed in high traffic areas of your home.
  9. Slightly higher priced flooring but with extremely high end finishes and selections. These things will make you look like you spent a fortune but only you will know the great deal you got!
  10. Best we have ever seen - worth every penny!!! (you won't find a lot of 10s on the site - they do exist but they are few and far between!)