Series: Ergon Elegance Pro Tile

Shop Ergon Elegance Pro Stone Look Tile - Elegance Pro is the collection that provides a contemporary interpretation of sandstone, combining technical performances, exquisite good looks, and the utmost surface protection.

The subtle, elegant patterning of the sediments within the stone is reproduced with the greatest accuracy, multiplying Elegance Pro's architectural potentials. The project comprises a range of 7 graduated shades developed with 4 different finishes to provide the highest degree of compositional freedom and create the trendiest combinations. Elegance Pro is complete, as standard, with Shield, the innovative ceramic antimicrobial process, available in the 60x120 cm sizes of Natural and Mural. Thanks to the antimicrobial technology integrated in the production process, Shield actively eliminates up to 99.9% of bacterial growth on ceramic surfaces, guaranteeing permanent, lasting protection.